Dragged Fighting From His Tomb

"It was all as simple and silent and furtive as the first word of a secret." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"I mean that I am Not a Drinker, as the expression goes. On an ounce of whiskey, as a rule, I either get violently sick or I start scanning the room for unbelievers." - Buddy Glass


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Etgar Keret writes short stories that are little fables that don’t teach you anything except how complicated it is to be human. If you live in Israel (and we know that thousands of you do: Google Analytics magic!) you don’t…

"At some point my need for a solution was replaced by the poetry of my continuous failure." - Charles Simic

"Is it possible, after all, that in spite of bricks and shaven faces, this world we live in is brimmed with wonders, and I and all mankind, beneath our garbs of common-placeness, conceal enigmas that the stars themselves, and perhaps the highest seraphim can not resolve?"
- Melville
Charles Simic, on the art of Joseph Cornell

Charles Simic, on the art of Joseph Cornell

water liars - let it breathe

just found in a used bookstore in new orleans. sorry for the shitty quality of the photos. excited/hungover

Li Ch’ing-Chao (c. 1084 to 1150)

Li Ch’ing-Chao (c. 1084 to 1150)

Cold Mountain 199

Under vast arrays of stars, dazzling depths of night, I light a lone lamp among cliffs. The moon hasn’t set.

It’s the unpolished jewel. Incandescence round and full, it hangs there in the blackest-azure skies, my very mind.